Board of Directors

Name Position Email
Stacy Grindell "Executive" President
John Grindell "Executive" Vice President
John Grindell "Executive" Treasurer
George Hazard "Executive" VP of Operations
George Hazard "Executive" Boys Commissioner
James Grindell "Executive" Tball Commissioner
Dawn Turnbough "Executive" Girls Commissioner
Dawn Turnbough "Executive" Secretary
John Moroney "Executive" Chief Umpire
Tim Bucher Field Maintenance Supervisor  
Paul Tyler Facilities Maint. Supervisor  
Deena Simpson Concession Manager
Dawn Turnbough Concession Lead  
Gina Bauer Concession Scheduler
Gina Bauer Concession Lead  
Scott Simpson Equipment Manager
Ronda Eames Fundraising Coordinator
Deena Simpson Alternate Executive  
George Hazard Database Manager  
Buddy Turnbough Tournament Director
Phil Hogan Parliamentarian  
Ronda Eames Cardinals Liaison/Alt Exec  
Stacy Grindell Webmaster
Paul Tyler Alternate Executive  
Vic Nyga General Officer  
Bryon Burke General Officer