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Last Post 28 Jun 2018 01:30 PM by  Mike Bukowsky
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28 Jun 2018 01:30 PM

    Stl. Royales 11-u 12-u in 2019 are holding try outs for 2018-2019 fall-spring season June 28th-29th,and JULY 11-12-13-14 Our goal is to train and take our AAA team to Cooperstown. It costs $932 for each players and the Royales head coach is paying the $932 fee for each player. There is no cost in playing for the Royales and it includes your fee for Cooperstown. If you would like to play on a good team,play a lot of tournaments and go to Cooperstown at no cost to you and no fund raisers please call for a try out.

    Stl Royales baseball has been a well known club for over 50 years and has an experienced coaching staff. Anyone interested in a great season and trip to Cooperstown message any of the following:

    Call or Text +1 (314) 323-9510


    Visit for more
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